AM Batteries is developing a solvent free electrode manufacturing technology for Li-ion batteries and beyond. In this technology, the dry mixed powder will be directly coated onto the current collectors. This process does not use any solvents which therefore eliminates all problems caused by solvents.

Compared to the current state-of-the-art (slurry casting) method adopted widely in the battery industry, AM Batteries offers:

  1. Substantial CAPEX savings due to lower equipment cost
  2. Major yearly OPEX savings from solvent extraction step
  3. Removal of toxic NMP solvent
  4. Reduction in energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, with additional savings from CO2 taxes in the future
  5. Major savings on the space required (rent savings or better factory utility) from the removal of long baking ovens in the drying step
  6. Potentially higher energy density batteries

Learn more about why dry electrode coating technology is better: Elon Musk’s presentation on Tesla Battery Day from 51 minutes and 50 seconds

Our technology has been co-developed and optimized by Prof. Wang and Prof. Pan. Please refer to the references below for our early work from the team: