Strengthening the Electrodes for Li-Ion Batteries with a Porous Adhesive Interlayer through Dry-Spraying Manufacturing

The manufacturing technologies for electrodes have a great influence on the performance of Li-ion batteries. Manufacturing procedures largely determine the microstructure of electrodes, and thus affect how active materials are involved in the electrochemical reactions. However, the usage of solvent in the dominant slurry-casting method weakens its competence on obtaining desired microstructures and properties. In […]

Understanding Interfacial-Energy-Driven Dry Powder Mixing for Solvent-Free Additive Manufacturing of Li-Ion Electrodes

Lithium-ion battery electrodes are manufactured using a new additive manufacturing process based on dry powders. By using dry powder-based processing, the solvent and its associated drying processes in conventional battery process can be removed, allowing for large-scale Li-ion battery production to be more economically viable in markets such as automotive energy storage systems. Uniform mixing […]

Scalable Dry Printing Manufacturing to Enable Long-Life and High Energy Lithium-Ion Batteries

Slurry casting method dominates the electrode manufacture of lithium-ion batteries. The entire procedure is similar to the newspaper printing that includes premixing of cast materials into solvents homogeneously, and continuously transferring and drying the slurry mixture onto the current collector. As a market approaching US $80 billion by 2024, the optimization of manufacture process is […]

Simulation of Micro/Nanopowder Mixing Characteristics for Dry Spray Additive Manufacturing of Li-Ion Electrodes

A new dry spraying additive manufacturing method for Li-ion batteries has been developed to replace the conventional slurry-casting technique for manufacturing Li-ion battery electrodes. A dry spray manufacturing process can allow for the elimination of the time- and energy-intensive slurry drying process needed due to the use solvents to make the electrodes. Previous studies into […]

Solvent-Free Manufacturing of Electrodes for Lithium-ion Batteries

Lithium ion battery electrodes were manufactured using a new, completely dry powder painting process. The solvents used for conventional slurry-cast electrodes have been completely removed. Thermal activation time has been greatly reduced due to the time and resource demanding solvent evaporation process needed with slurry-cast electrode manufacturing being replaced by a hot rolling process. It […]